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Local: Auditório Jacy Monteiro - IME/USP

Date/Time: Apr 19 2010 at 4pm

Juergen Schmidt

Sun Microsystems - Hamburgo, Alemanha

A palestra irá explicar o conceito UNO (Universal Network Objects) e as vastas possibilidades de programação do Ele mostrará o poderoso sistema de extensões e a possibilidade de se trabalhar no núcleo também.

20/Apr (2010), 13:00 - 20/Apr (2010), 15:00

Palestra do Google no IME/USP: Busca na Web: problemas, soluções e desafios


Palestra: Busca na Web: problemas, soluções e desafios                                                                      
Palestante: Dr. Berthier Ribeiro-Neto                                                                                                                        
Data: 28/abril/2010, quarta-feira, das 13:00 às 15:00                                                                           

28/Apr (2010), 10:00 - 28/Apr (2010), 12:00

Communion Knowledge vs Intellectual Property: legal dilemmas


Title: Communion Knowledge vs Intellectual Property: legal dilemmas
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Juliano Maranhão
Time: 14:00
Place: IME-USP Auditorium Antonio Gilioli
Date: Thursday, 10/29/09

CCSL invites to the lecture of Prof.. Dr. Juliano Maranhão, Faculty of Law of USP, with the title: Knowledge vs. Communion. Intellectual Property: legal dilemmas.

29/Oct (2009), 12:00 - 29/Oct (2009), 14:00

The Linux-libre project


Title: The Linux-libre project
Speaker: Alexandre Oliva
Time: 15h00
Place: IME-USP Room B-144
Date: Friday, 09/25/09

Abstract: Linux-libre is a project that aims to publish and maintain 100% free linux distributions, removing software that is usually included without source code, with obfuscated source code, under non-free licences and software that suggests or requires the installation and use of additional non-free software.

25/Sep (2009), 12:00 - 25/Sep (2009), 13:30