Av. Prof. Luciano Gualberto, 1171
São Paulo, SP, Brazil


Mail address

Rua do Matão, 1010
05508-090 São Paulo - SP

Waze or Google Maps:

In some digital maps, the address points to the facing side of the street, which means you might have to use the address Av. Prof. Luciano Gualberto, 1172 instead of 1171.

How to get there by taxi?

The CCSL activities take place at buildings A, B, and C of IME/USP (inside the USP campus, you may ask for directions to the "Matemática" or "IME"). IME faces two different streets and, while both will work, choosing which one is better depends on the building you are looking for. Building C houses the Computer Science professor rooms and our meeting room. It is located at Avenida Professor Luciano Gualberto around number 1100, opposite from the Engineering (POLI) parking lot, as seen on the maps above. Buildings A and B house lecture rooms where CCSL lectures, courses, and other events take place, as well as the software development labs. These buildings are more easily accessible from Rua do Matão, number 1010. If this is your first time coming to IME, we strongly suggest you print out the maps and bring them along. Also, be aware the taxi drivers won't speak English, so you may want to show printed directions.

IME is located in the USP (University of São Paulo) campus at the city of São Paulo, at the West side of the city, in the Butantã district/neighbourhood. The campus sits between the Jaguaré and Cidade Universitária bridges, at Marginal Pinheiros, a.k.a. Avenida das Nações Unidas (a kind of highway - check out the map of the surroundings). Any taxi driver will know where "USP" is, but may not be familiar with the inside of the campus itself.


Landing in Congonhas

The Congonhas airport operates domestic flights only and is located in the Campo Belo district/neighbourhood, South side of the city. There is no nearby subway station nor bus line leading straight to USP.

Several taxi companies serve the airport; two of them may be reached by the numbers +55 11 5533-6631 and +55 11 5532-0676.

Landing in Cumbica

The Cumbica airport operates domestic and international flights and is located in the city of Guarulhos, part of the larger Metropolitan Area of São Paulo. There is no subway station nor bus line leading straight to USP.

There is a single taxi company that handles all taxi services at the airport; the phone number is +55 11 2440-7070. The fares are fixed (around R$90,00 to USP during the day at the time of this writing) and may be paid by credit card in advance at the airport.

Tourist information

There are a few internet sites dedicated to tourist information at São Paulo:

The sites of the City Hall (PMSP - Prefeitura do Município de São Paulo) and the State Administration are also good sources of information on the city and the state respectively.

Topo desta página

Maps of the city and of USP

There are several maps of the city on the Internet. Some services offer traffic information and path finding.

Useful services at USP Campus

USP offers some useful services at the São Paulo campus. Some phone numbers:

  • Main telephone exchange, (11) 3091-4313.
  • Mail services, (11) 3091-4313.
  • Pharmacy, (11) 3091-3003.
  • University Security, (11) 3091-4222.
  • University Hospital (HU), (11) 3039-9200.
  • Taxi at the Hospital, (11) 3091-3536.
  • Taxi at rectory, (11) 3091-3556.
  • General Informations, (11) 3091-3121/3116.