The CCSL activities take place at buildings A, B, and C of IME/USP – the Mathematics Institute of the University. Inside the campus, you may ask for directions to "Matemática" or "IME".


Av. Prof. Luciano Gualberto, 1171
Butantã - São Paulo, SP

Waze or Google Maps:

In some digital maps, the address points to the facing side of the street, which means you might have to use the address Av. Prof. Luciano Gualberto, 1172 instead of 1171.

How to get here by taxi?

Most taxi drivers will know where "USP" is, but they may not be familiar with the inside of the campus itself. Also, be aware that taxi drivers may not speak English, so it is probably a good idea to have a printed address.

How to get here by subway?

The closest station to USP is Butantã Station, on line 4 - Yellow

From this Station, you have the options of:

How to get here by city bus?

There are several public transit bus lines, managed by SPTrans, that pass by USP. Currently, lines X, Y and Z, as well as 8032-10 of the USP Circular line, are the ones that pass along Av Luciano Gualberto (known as Rua dos Bancos).

Alternatively, a long distance transit bus line (with a higher fare) runs through the campus (EMTU): line 280BI 1 (São Bernardo do Campo - Cidade Universitária)

How to get here by train?

By line 9 - Esmeralda (which runs from Osasco to the Grajaú neighborhood) get off at Cidade Universitária Station, which is next to USP (see map of the area).

How to get here by plane?

The Congonhas Airport is located in Campo Belo, in the south of São Paulo, 14 km from the campus.

The Cumbica Airport receives national and international flights and is located in the city of Guarulhos, in the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo, 45 km from the campus.