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MiniPLoP Brasil 2011



Software developers have long observed that certain patterns recur and endure across different applications and systems. The growing interest in Design Patterns, Architectural Patterns, Analysis Patterns, Pedagogical Patterns, and so on, represents an effort to catalog and better communicate knowledge, providing handbooks of proven solutions to common problems.

24/Sep (2011), 21:00 - 25/Sep (2011), 20:59

Palestra: Java 7 e OpenJDK, a nova versão da plataforma Java


Resumo: Em Julho foi lançada oficialmente a nova versão da Plataforma Java, o esperado Java 7. Nesse importante momento para a tecnologia Java, essa palestra irá apresentar o que é o Java 7, quais são as novas funcionalidades e no que elas ajudam o desenvolvedor. A palestra irá também mostrar a relação do Java 7 com o OpenJDK, e qual a participação do JCP e da Oracle nessa nova fase da tecnologia Java.

18/Aug (2011), 11:00 - 18/Aug (2011), 13:00

Simon Phipps talks about "Open Source Concepts and Realities"


Don't miss the chance to meet Simon Phipps, one of the most influential persons in the FLOSS community, responsible for the open-sourcing of the JVM and Solaris.

He will be at the CCSL next Monday the 27th and will talk about "Open Source Concepts and Realities", focusing on two main themes: "Open Source Means Business Value" and "Open Source Communities".

The schedule is:

14:00h - Open Source Means Business Value

27/Jun (2011), 11:00 - 27/Jun (2011), 14:30

Investigations in "Digital Image Processing" at USP and UNICAMP


A personal experience from the early beginnings of this art (1969/70)

In 1969, in collaboration with the well known Concrete Artist Waldemar Cordeiro I was involved in a very interesting and rich experience in Digital Art that was at once recognized by international experts as innovative and is up to theese days widely cited. I intend to talk about our collaboration, its receptivity by artists in general and the computer art community, and its relation with art, science and technology.

19/May (2011), 13:00 - 19/May (2011), 15:00

Designed as Designer


Conceptual integrity arises not (simply) from one mind or from a small number of agreeing resonant minds, but from sometimes hidden co-authors and the things designed themselves.

This presentation was created by Richard P Gabriel and presented at IME-USP - São Paulo on 30/Mar/2011 sponsored by CCSL

29/Mar (2011), 21:00 - 30/Mar (2011), 20:59

CCSL participa de debate sobre software livre na FEI


O curso de Administração do Centro Universitário da FEI (Fundação Educacional Inaciana) promoverá no dia 29, a partir das 19h, no campus São Paulo (rua Tamandaré, 688), debate sobre software livre. O encontro contará com a participação de especialistas do setor, como Krishna Pennacchioni, responsável pelo portal da MTV, e Nelson Lago, do Centro de Competências em Software Livre. O debate é aberto ao público.

29/Mar (2011), 16:00 - 29/Mar (2011), 19:00