Dynamic languages


Title: An afternoon on dynamic languages (Ruby and Lua)

Authors: Fabio Akita and Dr. Renato Maia

Date: 27/05/2009, 14:00h (wednesday)

Where: Auditório Antônio Gilioli, A building at IME/USP

Sponsors: Locaweb,Tecgraf, and CNPq

The CCSL invites you to an afternoon of speeches on the dynamic languages Ruby and Lua.

27/May (2009), 11:00 - 27/May (2009), 15:00

Sun University day @ CCSL-IME/USP


Sun University Day é um evento dedicado às tecnologias de código aberto da Sun Microsystems que será realizado na próxima quarta-feira no Centro de Competência em Software Livre do IME/USP.


Data: 13/05/2009

Horário: das 13h às 20h

Local: Instituto de Matemática e Estatística da USP - Auditório Jacy Monteiro

Mapa: http://ccsl.ime.usp.br/localizacao

13/May (2009), 09:45 - 13/May (2009), 17:00

Copyrights, Patents, and Free Software, a survey of the state of the law and how it relates to Free Software licensing


Local: Auditório Jacy Monteiro - Bloco B do IME/USP

Quinta-feira, 7/5/09, 8:30 às 10:00 (note que o horário é diferente, começará pontualmente às 8:30)

"Copyrights, Patents, and Free Software, a survey of the state of the
law and how it relates to Free Software licensing"

08/May (2009), 07:56

An afternoon of presentations on entrepeneurship at the CCSL-IME/USP


Title: An afternoon of presentations on entrepreneurship at the CCSL-IME/USP

Presenters: Paulo Silveira e Humberto R. Baptista

Date: 29/04/2009, das 14:00 às 18:00

Where: Auditório Antonio Gillioli, bloco A do IME


The FOSS Competence Center at IME/USP invites you to another event on its series about entrepreneurship. Two computer science alumni from IME will talk about their experiences on their commecial venues.

Support: CCSL, Locaweb, Caelum, and Vectis

29/Apr (2009), 11:00 - 29/Apr (2009), 15:00

Full virtualization and VirtualBox


Ttle: Full virtualization and VirtualBox (with lunch!)

Author: Rafael Sampaio

Date: 15/04/09, 12:00h

Where: IME/USP, room B-5


While virtualization was prototyped by IBM in 1967, the x86 platform has only received proper virtualization support around 2005-2006. This talk will focus on full virtualization, with emphasis on the free/open source VirtualBox, developed by Sun Microsystems.

15/Apr (2009), 09:00 - 15/Apr (2009), 10:30