Agile Meeting 2009

On October 10th and 11th, the University of São Paulo will host the  Agile Meeting, one of the largest agile methods events in Brazil. This year, hundreds of professionals and students will attend the meeting, who will be in touch with some of the main brazilian figures in agile software development as well as with international guests of worldwide recognition in the agile community.

The Linux-libre project


Title: The Linux-libre project
Speaker: Alexandre Oliva
Time: 15h00
Place: IME-USP Room B-144
Date: Friday, 09/25/09

Abstract: Linux-libre is a project that aims to publish and maintain 100% free linux distributions, removing software that is usually included without source code, with obfuscated source code, under non-free licences and software that suggests or requires the installation and use of additional non-free software.

25/Sep (2009), 12:00 - 25/Sep (2009), 13:30

Workshop sobre as Ferramentas do Qualipso


Local: ICMC - USP, São Carlos - SP


PROGRAMAÇÃO - 02 de Setembro (Quarta-feira)

9:00h - Verificação da sala (alunos ICMC) e recepção dos visitantes (alunos IME e EACH)

9:30h - Abertura

  • Prof. Maldonado/Profa. Ellen

9:40h - Aprensetações dos Alunos: 5 mim para cada (3 Slides: objetivo do trabalho, resultados esperados e contexto no qualipso)

01/Sep (2009), 21:00 - 03/Sep (2009), 20:59