What's InteGrade?

The InteGrade project is a multi-university initiative aimed at building a novel object-oriented Grid middleware that focuses on leveraging the idle computing power of commodity workstations such as PCs in shared laboratories, corporate employee workstations, and household PCs. Our goal is to allow organizations to use their existing computing infrastructure to perform useful computation, without requiring the purchase of additional hardware. Moreover, users who share the idle portion of their resources should have their quality of service preserved by the InteGrade middleware. InteGrade provides support for highly-coupled parallel applications, checkpointing, security, and an integrated development environment.

If you want to cite InteGrade in your work, we suggest you cite this paper:

If you are new to InteGrade and would like to know more about it, we recommend you start by reading the overview and the following papers in this order:

  1. InteGrade: Object-Oriented Grid Middleware Leveraging Idle Computing Power of Desktop Machines.
  2. InteGrade: a tool for executing parallel applications on a Grid for opportunistic computing.
  3. The Implementation of the BSP Parallel Computing Model on the InteGrade Grid Middleware.

Mini-course (in portuguese) Grades Computacionais: Conceitos Fundamentais e Casos Concretos presented at the JAI'2008 (CSBC'08).

Get started now...

All our software is available as open source on this portal; so feel free to download it, try it, and contact us if you'd like to collaborate with us.

Click here to download the InteGrade source code and its dependencies. Also, read our documentation section to learn more about InteGrade.

InteGrade is free software.html distributed under the LGPL license.