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NEW! Version 0.6.1 (April 2012)

Download InteGrade 0.6.1 (with IG-Deployer) Read the Deployer README file to help you install InteGrade with IG-Deployer support (also inside the package).

Version 0.5.2 (January 2010)

Download InteGrade 0.5.2 (with IG-Deployer)

Version 0.5.1 (August 2009)

Download InteGrade 0.5.1 (with IG-Deployer)

Previous versions

Devel version

    To download devel version, follow this link: Integrade devel version. After, do the steps:
  • git clone integrade.git.bundle
  • cd integrade.git
  • for b in $(git for-each-ref --format='%(refname:lstrip=-1)' refs/remotes); do git branch $b refs/remotes/origin/$b && git branch -D -r origin/$b; done
  • git switch trunk
Warning: this version is updated constantly and some components may not be fully implemented yet. After download, please read the Changelog and Readme assets to be aware of changes. Bugs can be reported in one of our mailing lists.


Oil Package (required)

Jacorb (required)

MPICH2 (optional)

Package to run MPI applications in InteGrade

OppStore: Middleware for distributed storage of grid data (optional)

Package to distributed storage in InteGrade

CPUReserve - A tool for isolating performance at user level (at development stage)



IG-Deployer (InteGrade Installer)

This tool can be configured to automatically install the middleware InteGrade in a multiple nodes environment such as a cluster.