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Feature Requests

Integrade Marathon

Born as the Integrade Marathon of Refactoring, the Integrade Marathon are meetings that usually occurs on saturdays, actually held by university of São Paulo, and open for anyone interested to help in Integrade Development. The meetings are intended to solve Integrade known issues, to add requested features no related with any active research and for other tasks. It's a good place to transform pizza and coke into code of quality, and students from all universities that collaborate with Integrade are very encouraged to came to São Paulo, stay around for a week and work at weekend with us.

Known Issues
  • LrmLauncher dies when executing tests with asctCore.
  • Portal submission is offline.
  • ExecutionRequestData in asct throws "Thread-7" of Jcorb exceptions for null arguments, instead of "NullArgumentException".

Features Planned
  • Progress Bar that informs current execution of tasks.
  • Host and network configurations are set during compilation time and reconfigurations require rebuild. Deploying time network setup is preferred.

Related Tasks
  • Test Framework for "Inspectors". Inspectors are applications whose submissions results in a file with data about their execution. The main objective is to make tests to assure that expected execution is happening. This is also known as acceptance tests.


Feel free to add any comments, requests or other critics about it. We appreciate your contribution.