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InteGrade is a Grid middleware infrastructure that enables the use of idle computing power from user workstations. The middleware should use these non-dedicated machines without compromising the quality of service from machines owners, using the machine resources only during its idleness periods.

One of its goals is to support the execution of long-running sequential and parallel applications that present a considerable amount of communication among application /integrade/node.htmls. This requires a sophisticated fault-tolerance mechanism, since the shared machine states contanstly vary from idle to occupied.

We provide graphical tools to allow monitoring of Grid resources and running aplications. We are also implementing an Eclipse plug-in for the development of Grid.

InteGrade is structured as a federations of clusters. For more information on InteGrade architecture and main components, click here.

Functionalities and features

  • Support the execution of sequential, parameter sweep, and tightly-coupled parallel applications
  • Fault-tolerance for application execution, including portable checkpointing for sequential and parallel applications
  • Graphical tool for submission and monitoring of application executions
  • Graphical tool to monitor available grid resources dynamically
  • Environment for the development of grid applications
  • Digital signature for grid applications authentication