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The DonkeySurvey project goal is to a tool to collect and store data on the traffic passing on the client MLDonkey p2p networks for file sharing.

The collection of such information allows the subsequent analysis of network behavior for research purposes or research. It is intended primarily to store which network nodes, and under what circumstances, seek or provide certain files (or file types), extracting statistics that are relevant to the search.



The OnAIR (Ontology Aided Information Retrieval), system allows users to enter a query in natural language and searches a digital video database for the clip which best answers the query. The system was first developed by Christian Paz-Trillo and Paula Braga and was part of Christian's Masters Thesis, supervised by Renata Wassermann.

Now the OnAIR is manteined and developed by Raphael Cóbe as the main theme of his Doctoral Thesis supervised by Dra. Renata Wassermann and Dr. Fabio Kon.

Problema da Satisfatibilidade Probabilística (PSAT)


Probabilistic satisfiability (PSAT) is an NP-complete problem that requires the joint application of deductive and probabilistic reasoning.  It consists of an assignment of probabilities to a set of propositional formulas, and its solution consists of a decision on whether this assignment is consistent. The original formulation of PSAT is attributed to George Boole (1854).