Inactive projects



The project Archimedes - The Open CAD is a platform for developing computer aided design (CAD) systems. The project, over 3 years old, aims to create a trustful and simple development base with the basic tools needed to elaborate a technical architectural project. Those tools allow to improve the software adding more complex features.



The Baile project aims to study and resolve problems related to the development and use of web service choreographies in large-scale environments, in particular those related to Cloud Computing. The project investigates means by which choreographies can evolve and adapt when the services they are composed of are in constant change, keeping the quality of service in acceptable levels when these services fail or the cloud resource availability fluctuates.



The Borboleta project focuses on mobile computing as applied to healthcare settings. It currently aims at the development of a system to allow the use of PDAs by health care professionals during their at-home work on low income regions of the country.



CHOReOS ( is a project of the FP7 European program with 16 partners from 7 countries. The CHOReOS project aims at implementing a framework for scalable choreography development and enactment. The goal is to enable domain experts to develop decentralized ultra-large scale (ULS) solutions composed of heterogeneous services that are adaptable and QoS (Quality-of-Service) aware.



The Integrade project focuses on grid computing and object-oriented technologies. Beyond research, the project maintains the integrade software, an infrastructure for opportunistic grid computing using the idle processing power of average desktop computers.

The Machine


O projeto The Machine é uma plataforma computacional desenvolvida inicialmente pela HP Labs, mas atualmente envolvendo também universidades do mundo tudo. Esta plataforma pretende inovar o conceito de computação propondo uma nova arquitetura mais adequada aos requisitos computacionais exigidos por áreas como Cidades Inteligentes e Internet das Coisas.