CHOReOS ( is a project of the FP7 European program with 16 partners from 7 countries. The CHOReOS project aims at implementing a framework for scalable choreography development and enactment. The goal is to enable domain experts to develop decentralized ultra-large scale (ULS) solutions composed of heterogeneous services that are adaptable and QoS (Quality-of-Service) aware. Prior to this, these solutions were only possible with the support of dedicated IT professionals to provide the skills needed for architectural design and software engineering.

IME - USP is bringing to CHOReOS its expertise on Parallel and Distributed Systems (see, computational infrastructure already in place at the USP FLOSS Competence Centre (, pedagogical and practical experience with Agile Software Development Methods (publications in and consulting work for private and public companies.

The USP team is the leader of Work Package 3 that specifies and implements the CHOReOS Middleware, capable of deploying and enacting choreographies in the Cloud with support for up and down scalability. The developed source code is open sourced at