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iCG is project to introduce concepts of Computers. The iCG presents a very simple model of an electronical Computer. It can demostrate how a computer works and how is possible to build a compiler to it. iCG has 2 main interfaces, the Emulator interface and the Compiler interface. The Emulator is a visual abstraction of the Computer itself, with its main devices (e.g., memory, acumulator and input/output devices) and a few machine instructions. The Compiler is intended to provide to the student a real feeling about how to translate code in high level language into a machine level language.



MetricMiner ( is a tool that aims to support researchers when mining software repository data. As a researcher, MetricMiner enables you to create code metrics, execute them in many software repositories, extract data, and even run statistical tests. Currently, MetricMiner contains all Apache software projects, plus many popular code metrics.



The Mezuro project intends to offer a platform capable of comparing FLOSS projects and as well as techniques to the development of sets of relevant metrics for these projects. By instructing users on the use of these metrics, spreading their use, enlightening others on the interpretation of their results, it is possible to prevent technical debt. It is currently in production use at and contributions are welcome at



The Moore library implements interval arithmetic in "modern C++", where modern means C++ with concepts, as now currently supported by the latest versions of the gcc compiler.



MootiroMaps is an interactive and collaborative web application for georeferenced mapping of territories, lines and points. All the objects contained in the map can be used to create maps about specific issues.

The specific maps can be used for community planning, for planning of tourism for a specific region or for data journalism.

The application is collaborative - all users can make use of the information that has been registered by other users.

Novo NouRau


Sistema de Gerenciamento de Documentos on-line baseado no sistema Nou-Rau da Unicamp. O novo nou-rau é na verdade uma continuação do nou-rau original. Todo o código foi portado para php5.


Bugs conhecidos

Problemas na inserção de caracteres especiais da língua portuguesa no postgresql, devido a erros de codificação.

O problema está sendo resolvido.



Ns is a discrete event simulator targeted at networking research. Ns provides substantial support for simulation of TCP, routing, and multicast protocols over wired and wireless (local and satellite) networks [Text from ns-2 official page]. nsRFIDsim implements a RFID module based on the EPCTM Radio-Frequency Identity Protocols Class-1 Generation-2 UHF RFID Protocol for Communications at 860 MHz ? 960 MHz Version 1.2.0(25/10/2008) standard for the ns-2 simulator, release 2.35. The focus of this implementation is the Network layer and its mechanisms for anti-collision.



The OnAIR (Ontology Aided Information Retrieval), system allows users to enter a query in natural language and searches a digital video database for the clip which best answers the query. The system was first developed by Christian Paz-Trillo and Paula Braga and was part of Christian's Masters Thesis, supervised by Renata Wassermann.

Now the OnAIR is manteined and developed by Raphael Cóbe as the main theme of his Doctoral Thesis supervised by Dra. Renata Wassermann and Dr. Fabio Kon.