CCSL members launch "Open Code" blog

The CCSL (FLOSS Competence Center), in a partnership with the portal, launches today the "Open Code" blog, in which texts authored by IME FLOSS enthusiasts will be published on the "Link" section of the portal. is the online version of one of the largest and most respected newspapers in Brazil, "O Estado de São Paulo". The blog is a part of the strategies by which the CCSL intends to spread the open culture of Free Software and related initiatives (open data, creative commons etc.) to the community at large. As mentioned, has a very strong appeal to the non-tech people not only in São Paulo, its home state, but also in Brazil. Accordingly, the idea is to counter-balance the traditionally narrow view of the population about the computing and software markets.

The blog will not be authored by a single person or team, quite the opposite: the organizers hope interested people will participate with material related to themes they are knowledgeable about or intended to foster the debate around FLOSS and Free Culture. If you would like to collaborate, contact us!

Don't miss the column and the others that compose the "Link" section, there are lots of interesting material there!