An interesting survey on the adoption of FOSS

A new paper on the adoption of open source software has been published in the Journal of Information and Software Technology. Hauge, Ayala and Conradi (2010) demonstrate how deeply open source software has influenced the industry, generating a growing and diverse body of literature on organizational behaviour when developing and acquiring software. Hauge et al. gather and organize this research stream, through a systematic literature review of 112 papers, according to (1) the context in which it is done (e.g., private or public sector), (2) the method utilized (e.g., case study or survey), (3) the topic discussed (e.g., deploying OSS products or using OSS development practices), etc. This paper represents a nice way to get familiar with what has been published on open source so far. We highly recommend you to read it in full.

Link to the paper: