Talk: The Open Cirrus Cloud Computing Testbed


Date: 06 jun 2010

Time: 14pm to 16pm

Where: Auditório Antonio Gilioli

Name: Dejan Milojicic

Position in HP: Senior Researcher and Managing Director, Open Cirrus Cloud Computing Testbed

There are a number of important and useful testbeds, such as PlanetLab, EmuLab, IBM/Google cluster, and Amazon EC2/S3, that enable researchers to study different aspects of distributed computing. However, no single testbed supports research spanning systems, applications, services, open-source development, and datacenters. Towards this end, we have developed Open Cirrus, a cloud computing testbed for the research community that federates heterogeneous distributed data centers. Open Cirrus offers a cloud stack consisting of physical and virtual machines, and global services, such as sign-on, monitoring, storage, and job submission. By developing the testbed and making it available to the research community, we hope to help  spur innovation in cloud computing and catalyze the development of an open source stack for the cloud. In addition to presenting Open Cirrus, this talk will also include a number of important research effort currently undergoing in Open Cirrus, such as Cloud Sustainability Dashboard, OpenNet, ExaScale Data Center, Mercado (Cloud Services market Places), Federation of Open Cirrus and Planet Lab/GENI, etc.

Dr. Dejan Milojicic is a senior researcher and director of Open Cirrus Cloud Computing testbed at HP Labs. He has worked in the areas of operating systems, distributed systems, and service management for more than 25 years. He has been the program chair of the IEEE Agent Systems and Applications Symposium (ASA/MA'99) and of the first USENIX Workshop on Industrial Experiences with System Software (WIESS'2000). Dr. Milojicic published in many journals and at various events. He is currently on the editorial board of IEEE Internet Computing and he is an inaugural editor of IEEE Computing Now, a front end to all IEEE magazines. He has been engaged in various standardization bodies, such as OMG and Global Grid Forum. He is an ACM distinguished engineer, IEEE Fellow, and member of USENIX. He received his BSc and MSc from University of Belgrade and his PhD from University of Kaiserslautern. Prior to HP Labs, Dejan worked at Institute "Mihajlo Pupin", Belgrade and at OSF Research Institute, Cambridge, MA.

06/Jun (2010), 11:00 - 06/Jun (2010), 13:00