Entrepreneurship research group IME-USP

The Entrepreneurship research group was created in 2014, with the objective to understand the evolution of digital entrepreneurship in Brazil and its social and economical implications. The group initial work was on mapping existing startup ecosystems such as Israel, São Paulo, and Silicon Valley and understanding cultural, historical, and organizational differences between them, by developing a generalized conceptual framework about startup ecosystems. This research evolved to a deeper understanding of Startup Ecosystems dynamics and the creation of the Software Startups Ecosystem Maturity Model.

Our group office is located in the Department of Computer Science at University of São Paulo. The research labs are located in the FLOSS Competence Center (CCSL). Besides the research of Masters and PhD students on software entrepreneurship, the group is responsible for organizing the InovaSampa events: meetups, talks, workshops, and courses about digital entrepreneurship and startups. The group also helped to create the IMEmpreende, a gathering of students and alumni who are interested in entrepreneurship. Finally, the group fosters the creation of new technological ventures by providing support and consulting for new startups.