ADUF - Adaptable Design Up Front


O Centro de Competência em Software Livre convida todos interessados para a palestra: ADUF - Adaptable Design Up Front com Hayim Makabee - Yahoo! Labs, Israel

Data: 09/01 (quinta-feira)
Horário: 14hs
Local: auditório do CCSL-IME/USP
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Synopsis: This talk tries to answer the question: “How much Design Up Front should be done in an Agile project?” Hayim presents his approach of Adaptable Design Up Front (ADUF), describing its rationale, applications in practice and comparison to other approaches such as Emergent Design.

Bio: Hayim Makabee was born in Rio de Janeiro. He immigrated to Israel in 1992 and completed his M.Sc. studies on Computer Sciences at the Technion. Since then he worked for several hi-tech companies, including also some startups. Currently he is a Research Engineer at Yahoo! Labs Haifa. He is also a co-founder of the International Association of Software Architects (IASA) in Israel. Hayim is the author of a book about Object-Oriented Programming and has published papers in the fields of Software Engineering, Distributed Systems and Genetic Algorithms. Hayim’s current research interests are Data Mining and Recommender Systems.

Hayim writes the blog

09/jan (2014), 12:00 - 09/jan (2014), 14:00