The CCSL building is open!

With over 150 attendees, the CCSL building was open to the public on August 6th, 2013.

After 20 years of activities involving free and open source software at IME/USP, the formal opening of the building that will house the Institute's CCSL (FLOSS Competence Center) took place in August, during a celebration just as varied as FLOSS itself.

The event was started with lectures by members of the USP community, who highlighted the social relevance of open knowledge and the role of the University to promote this goal, and who also shared the events that ultimately brought the building to be. Afterwards, the building's plaque was unveiled by pro-rectors Profs. Marco Antonio Zago and Vahan Agopyan, by IME Director Prof. Flávio Ulhoa Coelho and by Prof. Siang Wun Song. Guests were then invited to get to know the building and appreciate the several demonstrations of results from some of the CCSL ongoing research projects that will benefit from the new space.

In accordance to the festive environment, such demonstrations took place alongside a pocket show of free magic, directed by Prof. Marco Dimas Gubitoso, and the musical presentations of Prof. Valdemar Setzer, who executed three "chorinhos", and the Free Software and the Open Sources band, composed of CCSL members specially for the event, who executed songs in several styles, always on themes related to computing and freedom.

Check the CCSL opening video out!