Eclipse Foundation highlights FLOSS usage growth

The Eclipse Foundation performed, in April 2010, a survey among the Eclipse community to learn about the relationship between its members and FLOSS. This survey highlighted several relevant aspects that point to a growth in the adoption of FLOSS among developers in general. The main aspects identified were:

  • Linux usage as a development environment is growing and Linux is currently used by around one third of those surveyed. MacOS has also seen a slight increase in usage.
  • As a deployment platform, Linux has been for quite a while the most used, with almost half of the answers.
  • Other free solutions, such as  JQuery and Spring, are also widely used.

Although the survey was limited to a share of Eclipse developers, that is a representative sample, given that Eclipse is nowadays one of the main development environments available and is used by a large number of developers. Thus, the results suggest a growth in FLOSS throughout the whole universe of software developers.