Better Science Through Art


CSSL is proud to announce the Event "Better Science Through Art" with Joe Yoder and Richard Gabriel.
Common wisdom says that science and art are entirely different beasts; moreover, a similar source of wisdom tells us that science is valuable to society while art is a luxury. Why else would schools drop art from their curricula over the past 20 years? But artists and scientists approach their work in similar if not identical ways.
In this event, Richard and Joe, two big names of Computer Science, bring us details about why science and art should walk together in the same path, taking students and professors to think about the universities current research and work method.
Richard will give a talk about Designed as Designer - why conceptual integrity arises not (simply) from one mind or from a small number of agreeing resonant minds, but from sometimes hidden co-authors and the things designed themselves. Joe will also talk "When Should You Consider Meta-Architectures? and the use of Meta to Scale"

The event is free and will be on March 30th and 31th - from 2pm at no IME-USP, Rua do Matão, 1000 - Giglioli room
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Richard's Bio

Richard P. Gabriel (Ph.D., Stanford University, 1981; MFA Creative Writing (Poetry), Warren Wilson College, 1998; ACM Fellow) performs programming language, creativity, and software engineering research at IBM Research. He is the author of five books. He played lead guitar in a rock ‘n’ roll band for 20 years.

[editar]Joe's Bio

Joseph Yoder (Founder and Chief Architect, The Refactory, Inc.; Hillside Board President; ACM Member) is a pattern enthusiast and an author of Big Ball of Mud; he programs adaptive software, runs a development company, and consults top companies on software needs. He is an amateur photographer, motorcycle enthusiast, and enjoys dancing samba. Extended Bio


30/Mar (2011), 11:00 - 31/Mar (2011), 16:00