The OpenSolaris project


Title: The OpenSolaris project
Speaker: Alexandre Borges
Time: 16h30
Place: IME-USP Room B-144
Date: Friday, 09/25/09

Abstract: OpenSolaris is an open source project sponsored by Sun Microsystems, Inc and is initially based on a subset of the source code for the Solaris operating system. Is is a hub for a community development effort where Sun and other developers can collaborate on the creation and improvement of the technologies surrounding operating systems. OpenSolaris source code is expected to find many uses, such as being the basis for future versions of Solaris, for other operating systems, for third-party products and for other distributions. After the speech, OpenSolaris gifts will be raffled off!

About the speaker: Alexandre Borges is a Senior specialist on Solaris, OpenSolaris, and Linux. He works around development, secutity, administration and performance issues with these systems, as instructor and consultant. He is also a researcher on new technologies and other kernel-related topics.

25/Sep (2009), 13:30 - 25/Sep (2009), 15:00