OiL -The InteGrade ORB


Title: OiL - The InteGrade ORB

Date: 28/05/2009, 12:30h to 14:00

Local: Room A-136, building A at IME/USP

Lecturer: Dr. Renato Maia (Tecgraf - PUC-Rio)

Abstract: This lecture will present an overview of the OiL implementation, which is the Lua-based CORBA ORB developed at PUC-Rio within the InteGrade project. OiL is highly flexible, small, and efficient; beyond the InteGrade project, it is also used on other academic and industry projects. Special attention will be given to the capabilities revolving around dynamic invocation and dispatch, cooperative multithreading, etc. Also, we will discuss the main differences between current and future versions of OiL.

28/May (2009), 09:30 - 28/May (2009), 11:00