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Glaxo experiments with collaborative development

The Wall Street Journal published an article on how the open source development model adopted by Linux influenced the decision by GlaxoSmithKline to publish their data on malaria research. According to the paper, the company published scientifica data about 13,500 chemical compounds being studied for their possible uses against the disease.

Talk: The Open Cirrus Cloud Computing Testbed

Date: 06 jun 2010

Time: 14pm to 16pm

Where: Auditório Antonio Gilioli - IME/USP

Name: Dejan Milojicic, HP Labs

Position in HP: Senior Researcher and Managing Director, Open Cirrus Cloud Computing Testbed

CCSL member receives “Voo Livre” Award

On April 16, 2010, William Colen, a member of the CCSL (FLOSS Competence Center) at IME/USP, was awarded the Voo Livre (Free Flight)
Award, Development category, sponsored by the Brazilian National Meeting, where is the Brazilian community. The award is offered biannually  to those who contribute in making an increasingly free society, allowing the project to "fly" higher.

Guidelines for FLOSS adoption in European Governments

The OSOR (Open Source Observatory and Repository), maintained by the European Commission, has recently published the Procurement and Open Source Software Guideline document, which describes motivations for the adoption of FLOSS for governmental entities as well as practical aspects to consider during the procurement process for FLOSS-based solutions.

White House contributes to Free Software

It has been a while since the portal for the White House ( has migrated their infrastructure to Drupal, a well known FLOSS CMS. Now, the site has announced, on April 21st, that it has made available, as free software, some new drupal modules developed in-house by them.

One of these interesting modules is "Node Embed", which eases the management of photos and videos within drupal.

More info at Programmability - at a glance

Location: Jacy Monteiro Auditorium - IME/USP

Date/Time: Apr 19 2010 at 4pm

Juergen Schmidt

Sun Microsystems - Hamburgo, Alemanha

The talk explains the UNO (Universal Network Objects) concept, and the vast possibilities of programmability.  It shows the powerful extensions system and the possibilities of working at the Core itself.

BB deploys Free Software also on Nossa Caixa

Banco do Brasil (Bank of Brazil), one of the largest corporate FLOSS users in the world, has started deployment of the same kind of solution on the Nossa Caixa Bank (recently acquired by BB). The first software to power the NCB shall be the office suite (the localized version of the suite), which offers features similar to those of MS-Office.

CCSL present at Campus Party Brasil

Thanks to the support from the QualiPSo project and from Locaweb, the CCSL-USP was strongly represented at Campus Party Brasil in São Paulo/SP, from January 25th to 31st.

First Workshop on Computational Linguistics at USP-SP

The FLOSS Competence Center CCSL supported the first Workshop on Computational Linguistics at USP-SP. The event, held on November 10, 2009, brought together professors, researchers and students from different units of the São Paulo campus of University of São Paulo, especially FFLCH, Poli and IME, for a course of lectures and discussions on the subject. A consensus among participants was the need to promote better interaction and collaboration between researchers from the different institutes, as well as providing a shared repository of resources and free tools.

QualiPSo organized the first ever FLOSS Competence Centres Summit to foster Open Source adoption worldwide

The Open World Forum brought together all the key players from the world of Free, Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS). The main theme of the forum was to ensure that open software plays an active role in the digital recovery.

Paris, October 2nd - As part of the Open World Forum, France hosted the first International FLOSS Competence Centres Summit.