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Lean methodologies with Mary Poppendieck

The CCSL is happy to welcome the lean methodologies specialist Mary Poppendieck to a presentation where this model's characteristics will be explored in contrast to other approaches.

Title: Specialization and Economies of Scale: Where Adam Smith went wrong

Speaker: Mary Poppendieck

Time: 15:30h

Location: IME/USP - sala 144B

Date: 31/08/2010


The third edition of CONSEGI at Brasília, a large international event where several aspects of electronic government and FLOSS are discussed, had a strong presence by the CCSL.

Workshop with Dr. Maged Ali (Brunel University, UK)

This wednesday, August 18th, at 14:00, Dr. Maged Ali will give a presentation on cultural aspects of Information Technology. The study of culture is rooted in sociology, social psychology, and anthropology. In particular, cultural anthropology seeks to understand the similarities and differences among groups of people in the contemporary world. Within the last 20 years, the practical relevance of researching cultural issues, and especially comparing phenomena across cultures, was questioned (Ferraro, 1990).

Javali at São Paulo!

Javali at São Paulo!

Javali is an event that takes place along with the Free Software International Forum - FISL, at Porto Alegre along this week in July.

This year, with the support from the Free Software Competence Center - CCSL / IME-USP, we decided to bring some of the FISL topics and promote an event is São Paulo - SP.

The evolution of Ganeti, an Open Source manager for clusterized virtual machines

The IME/USP FLOSS Competence Center invites to the lecture by Michael Hanselmann, Google engineer and Ganet project developer, the manager of virtual GPL servers used by Google. All interested are welcome.


Michael Hanselmann
Google Switzerland

FLOSS helps remove vuvuzela sound from World Cup broadcasts

A research group from the Centre for Digital Music at the Queen Mary University of London created an audio plugin to filter out the vuvuzela sound from the World Cup broadcasts, available under a Free license. It is offered as a VST (for Windows) and LADSPA (MacOS, Linux etc) plugin.

Eclipse Foundation highlights FLOSS usage growth

The Eclipse Foundation performed, in April 2010, a survey among the Eclipse community to learn about the relationship between its members and FLOSS. This survey highlighted several relevant aspects that point to a growth in the adoption of FLOSS among developers in general.

Workshop with the FLOSS entrepreneur Paulino Michelazzo

Title: Workshop with the FLOSS entrepreneur Paulino Michelazzo

Speaker: Paulino Michelazzo

Time: 11:45h

Place: Auditório Jacy Monteiro - Bloco B, IME/USP

Date: 23/06/2010

The CCSL, together with the Rede USP de Novos Negócios (USP Network for New Businesses), invites you to lear about the success case of the eptrepreneur Paulino Michelazzo, who will talk about how to create a web solutions company using Frewe software and share his experience both as CTO of such a company and as an UN systems developer.

Glaxo experiments with collaborative development

The Wall Street Journal published an article on how the open source development model adopted by Linux influenced the decision by GlaxoSmithKline to publish their data on malaria research. According to the paper, the company published scientifica data about 13,500 chemical compounds being studied for their possible uses against the disease.

Talk: The Open Cirrus Cloud Computing Testbed

Date: 06 jun 2010

Time: 14pm to 16pm

Where: Auditório Antonio Gilioli - IME/USP

Name: Dejan Milojicic, HP Labs

Position in HP: Senior Researcher and Managing Director, Open Cirrus Cloud Computing Testbed