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Swiss City Of Bern To Switch To Free Software Solutions

The city council of the Swiss city of Bern has voted for a switch to free software IT solutions.
Contrary to many similar cases, this isn't a experiment, it's a political decision to rid the city of vendor lock-in.

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Jenkins users meeting in Brazil

The CCSL invites you to attend the first meeting of users in Brazil Jenkins will happen in the IME/USP, with the presence of Kohsuke Kawaguchi creator tool.
Date: 01/12/2012
Time: das 13hs às 18hs
Where: Bloco B (IME/USP)

The day to day of a startup

CCSL promotes the presentation "The day to day of a startup", by Daniel Cukier, nowadays is CTO on Elo7 and is doing doctorate in Computer Science on Universidade de São Paulo in the area of Cloud Computing.

Date: 21/11
Time: 14hs
Where: Auditório Jacy Monteiro (bloco B) – IME/USP

PGDay (PostgreSQL Day) in São Paulo, at IME-USP

On November 9, 2012, from 13.30 to 22pm, the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics (IME) of the University of São Paulo (USP) will hold the PGDay. The PGDay (or PostgreSQL Day) is a nonprofit conference organized to promote the use of PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL is a free and open-source Database Management System, that has high quality and is competitive compared to proprietary solutions.

Richard Stallman, founder of Free Software Movement, will conduct a lecture about Software Patent at CCSL-IME-USP

This Friday, CCSL will receive a visit from Richard Matthew Stallman, at IME-USP. It is a chance to get to know better the founder of the Free Software Movement, from GNU Project and Free Software Foundation (FSF). Stallman consolidated the "copyleft" concept by writing GNU General Public License (GNU/GPL), the most used free license in the world. Since 1990, he spends most of his time as a political activist, defending free software and fighting against software patents.

Join the "Law & Internet" Congress

During August 20th till the 22nd, issues such as Privacy, Personal Data, Digital Entrepreneurship, Liability, Copyright, Innovation and many others will be discussed at the Congress “Law and Internet” (Congresso Direito e Internet) at the Faculty of Law of the University of São Paulo (USP).

USP and FGV publish study sent to INPI-Brazil against software patents

Brazil's USP FLOSS Competence Center (CCSL-USP) and the CTS-FGV joined forces to develop a comprehensive study and sent, on May 15th 2012, a position paper to INPI (the Brazilian National Institute for Industrial Property, responsible for patents in the country) on software patents. This paper provides concrete legal arguments against software patents, both in general and within Brazil specifically, and highlights the many issues identified in the current procedures adopted by the INPI regarding software patent applications.

1st USP FLOSS Week

The USP FLOSS Competence Center with the help of the PoliGNU group invite everyone to the I FLOSS Week at USP (SSL-USP)


From April 23rd to 27th, the week will feature several lectures and workshops in multiple campus of the University of São Paulo to promote and discuss about FLOSS and related topics.

Django Dynamic Fixture

Django Dynamic Fixture is a testing tool for the  Django Web framework, in python.

Open data and Wikipedia

Internet allow us to observe populations of people, then how can we use it to understand events in our 'Brave New World'? In this talk will be show relations between Open Data and social trends and how we can to relate these multiples tools to comprehend this changing world.

Where: Auditório Jacy Monteiro / IME - USP
Date: 08/02 (Quarta Feira)
Time: 15h00m - 17h30m