FAPESP supports eScience Research with open results

FAPESP (São Paulo State Research Support Foundation), sponsor of a large number of scientific research projects, has recently launched a Call for Research Proposals regarding eScience. This Call dedicates R$4 million (US$ 1.6 million) for projects of up to 4 years of duration, allowing the financing of both traditional research fellowships and of "technical training" fellowships (targeting production-oriented work to support the research goals).

One of the objectives of the Call is to promote interdisciplinarity, fundamental to eScience, and the collaboration among the various researchers, both from the Computer Science background and from other Sciences. Accordingly, FAPESP states that software results should be made available under an Open Source licence approved by the Open Source Initiative and other results (documentation, technical reports, and others, such as data) should be made available under a Creative Commons licence.

We commend the FAPESP initiative to adopt FLOSS as one of the mechanisms to foster the interaction among researchers and to disseminate the state of the art knowledge to be developed with these funds, resonating the current trend towards Open Knowledge and Open Science.


See the Call for Proposals in the FAPESP web site.