An afternoon of presentations on entrepeneurship at the CCSL-IME/USP


Title: An afternoon of presentations on entrepreneurship at the CCSL-IME/USP

Presenters: Paulo Silveira e Humberto R. Baptista

Date: 29/04/2009, das 14:00 às 18:00

Where: Auditório Antonio Gillioli, bloco A do IME


The FOSS Competence Center at IME/USP invites you to another event on its series about entrepreneurship. Two computer science alumni from IME will talk about their experiences on their commecial venues.

Support: CCSL, Locaweb, Caelum, and Vectis


14:00 - Entrepreneurship and computing: Getting millionaire overnight?

Presenter: Paulo Silveira (

Abstract: There are quite a few millionaires under 30 working on the computing field. Many of their stories involve great ideas implemented with few people and investment. How? Is it possible? How to create a company on this field? What to study? What are the common difficulties? This speech presents some success and failure cases.

15:30 - Coffee break

16:00 - New technologies: Why don't they make it, and what to do about it

Presenter: Humberto R. Baptista (

Abstract:Most new technologies do not reach their full potential and see very slow rates of adoption. Why is that? Understanding the consumer's behaviour may lead to better use of any technology. An interactive presentation, with discussion of technologies chosen by the audience.

Abridged résumées:
Paulo Silveira is 29 (there is still time!), has a Masters Degree in Computer Science by IME/USP, and had experience with web development in Germany. He has also worked at IBOPE and as a teacher at Sun Microsystems. Founder of and technical editor of the Mundo Java magazine, today works at, a 5-year-old company created by him currently with 50 people involved, among other not so successful iniciatives.

Humberto R. Baptista is 38, has a Masters Degree in Computer Science by IME/USP, MBA by SDA Bocconi, and plenty of experience with start-ups, new technologies and their (in)success rates. He has worked at PC Magazine Brasil and UOL Internacional, created, managed and sold Insite Soluções Internet, was a founding member of São Paulo GUL (LinuxSP), wrote free software, and got involved with mathematical arts. He has lately been working on a thought and management theory called Theory of Constraints (TOC), owns Vectis, and works with the Goldratt Group. He divides his time between professional and personal activities, together with his wife and 3-year-old daughter.

29/Apr (2009), 11:00 - 29/Apr (2009), 15:00