Borboleta: A Mobile Telehealth System

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Sagui Release Notes

Version 0.4 - Jun/2010

  • Data syncronization of SAGUI to Borboleta and Borboleta to SAGUI.
  • Holding Meetings forms complete with the addition of the Final Program subform.
  • First version of the print version of the meetings.

Version 0.3 - Jan/2010

  • Management of system access with different types of user. The administrator manages what kinds of access should exists with the specifics permissions.
  • Different kinds of user's registration
  • Specific Data and Problems and Needs(Holding Meetings Subforms) included.

Version 0.2 - Jul/2009

  • New module: Borboleta.
  • Data syncronization of SAGUI to Borboleta.
  • Borboleta: Holding meetings and management of the auxiliary tables for holding these meetings(eg. CID list's and Pharmaceutical drug list).
  • Management of system access with two types of users: Administrator and Common User.
  • Scheduling a meeting home.
  • Basic Health Units list to forward patients.

Version 0.1 - Jan/2009

  • New modules: User, Laboratory Diagnosis and Management.
  • User: It has an extensive but incomplete registration form with viewing and editing of these data.
  • Laboratory Diagnosis: Schedule a list of laboratory diagnosis for a certain period. It has the laboratory diagnosis that will be conducted and who is the responsible physician, the scheduler and the patient.
  • Management: It controls all the auxiliaries tables of the system.

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