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13:02 hs CoGrOO Editar Wiki: API_CoGrOO_4x (#16)
Correção da interface Analyzer.


10:50 hs CoGrOO Comunidade Bug #641 (New): Upper-case URLs do not redirect to lower-case versions
Reports show links to an upper-case version of URL rule, but the URL answers with 404 error instead of redirecting to...


13:44 hs CoGrOO Comunidade Feature #627: Internal links should point to comunidade.cogroo.org
This issue should be handled carefully, as a new domain could impact site's ranking on search engines.
Please read...
11:42 hs CoGrOO Comunidade Bug #488: Google oAuth is not working
As seen on Analytics Events Report, most of the logins are done by cogroo user (278*), followed by facebook (84), yah...
11:03 hs CoGrOO Comunidade Feature #621: Add email contact at page foot
It would be interesting to mask e-mail as an image or using "cogroo [at] cogroo [dot] org" to avoid spam.


19:10 hs CoGrOO Comunidade Bug #488: Google oAuth is not working
New version socialauth-beta4 could resolve this problem (see http://code.google.com/p/socialauth/issues/detail?id=96).


10:39 hs CoGrOO Comunidade Feature #334 (New): Improve site speed
See also http://blog.caelum.com.br/por-uma-web-mais-rapida-26-tecnicas-de-otimizacao-de-sites/


22:40 hs CoGrOO Comunidade Feature #494 (New): Update Data Export API
Google Data Export API will be deprecated soon (http://analytics.blogspot.com/2011/08/introducing-two-new-versions-of...


17:30 hs CoGrOO Comunidade Feature #490 (Rejected): Add Google +1 button
Duplicated issue. See http://ccsl.ime.usp.br/redmine/issues/476 instead.


23:19 hs CoGrOO Comunidade Bug #489 (New): Stats graph stucks with 236 entries

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