Kalibro Metrics

Source code metrics are not new, but they have not been fully used in software development. One reason is that most metrics does not have known thresholds. Metric tools show isolated numeric values, which are not easy to understand. Also, the interpretation of these values depends on the context.

Kalibro Metrics aims to improve the use of source code metrics. It is designed for easy integration with a metric collector tool and show the results in a friendlier way. For that, it allows a metric specialist to create a configuration of thresholds associated with qualitative evaluation, including comments and recommendations. These configurations are used to enhance metric results interpretation.

Features provided by Kalibro Metrics include:

  • Creation of configurations, i.e. a set o metrics for being used in the evaluation of a project
  • Creation of new metrics (via Javascript) based on the ones provided by the metric collector tool
  • Creation of ranges associated to a metric and a qualitative evaluation (may be plain text or HTML)
  • Calculation of statistics results for higher granularity modules (e.g. average LOC of classes inside a package)
  • Possibility of exporting results to a CSV file
  • Calculation of a grade for the project, based on given weights for metrics and grades for ranges (allows project comparisons)
  • Possibility of making interpretation more user-friendly associating colors to ranges
  • Download of source code from remote zip file, tarball or Subversion repository

Read more about KalibroDesktop and KalibroService features and installation.

Source Code Metrics Analysis

Kalibro Metrics is delivered with the proper configuration to run using Analizo - a free and multi-language toolkit - as the source code analysis tool. Analizo supports the extraction and calculation of a fair number of source code metrics, generation of dependency graphs, and software evolution analysis. It efficiently parses source code written in C, C++ and Java.

In order to have an easy-to-use tool which provided information for multi-language source code, Analizo was designed to support the use of external tools as extractors. Doxyparse is the main extractor and grants great performance. It is based on Doxygen, a widely used open source tool for the generation of documentation through the code comments made in many programming languages.

Free Sofware Community

New features will be implemented according to free software community interaction. Kalibro Metrics is part of a free software community called Mezuro. This community is comprised of multi-language code analysis and visualization tools.

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Kalibro Metrics is Free Software and can distributed under the GNU LPGL (GNU Lesser General Public License) version 3.0.

The license terms can be found in the GNU Project's Web site at http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/lesser.html (a copy of GPL text upon which LGPL relies is also provided).

The directory "Libraries" contains third-party libraries distributed along with Kalibro source code for convenience. Their respective licenses are indicated in the file LICENSE within the referred directory.


The development of the Kalibro Metrics is supported by Qualipso project, Brazilian National Research Council (CNPQ), and USP FLOSS Competence Center (CCSL-USP).