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641 BugNewHighUpper-case URLs do not redirect to lower-case versionsMichel Oleynik17/01/2013 10:50 hs
638 BugNewNormalReduce accounts created by BOTsWilliam ColenArthur Branco Costa28/09/2012 10:40 hs
631 BugNewNormalUpdate the CoGrOO Comunity to accept rules with string idArthur Branco Costa18/09/2012 17:47 hs
629 BugNewNormalAvoid array out of bounds exception (From GitHub #1)Arthur Branco Costa12/09/2012 13:54 hs
624 BugNewHighUsers are reporting that they can't send error from the AddonWilliam ColenArthur Branco Costa30/08/2012 13:43 hs
618 BugResolvedNormalStringIndexOutOfBoundsException in SpaceChecker classAlessandro KissabaArthur Branco Costa20/09/2012 15:08 hs
612 BugNewNormalMigrate to GitHubWilliam ColenWilliam Colen19/06/2012 10:52 hs
489 BugNewHighStats graph stucks with 236 entriesMichel OleynikMichel Oleynik08/07/2011 23:19 hs
488 BugNewNormalGoogle oAuth is not workingMichel OleynikArthur Branco Costa22/08/2012 13:24 hs
484 BugNewNormalComment area is too smallMichel OleynikFelipe Massicano27/08/2012 18:55 hs
483 BugNewNormalA break line is added after html marks on commentsMichel Oleynik05/07/2011 19:33 hs
469 BugNewHighMake classes serializableWilliam Colen22/08/2012 13:15 hs
466 BugNewHighUnable to edit error selection in report 118William ColenWilliam Colen22/08/2012 13:16 hs
435 BugIn ProgressHighDuplicate e-mailsMichel OleynikMichel Oleynik03/07/2011 01:48 hs
362 BugNewLowProblems page slow to loadMichel Oleynik13/05/2011 13:39 hs
301 BugNewNormalErrorReport: back button doesn't workMichel Oleynik07/04/2011 16:16 hs
286 BugNewNormalWrong suggestion if we have a contractionWilliam Colen10/06/2011 13:04 hs
285 BugNewNormalWrong suggestion for rule 124William Colen10/06/2011 13:04 hs
284 BugNewNormalStrange behaviour in syntactic rulesWilliam Colen10/06/2011 13:04 hs

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