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583 CoGrOO 3.x3.2.0FeatureClosedNormalRepetition CheckerArthur Branco CostaWilliam Colen22/04/2012 17:02 hs
580 CoGrOO 3.x3.2.0BugClosedNormalFix potential bugs pointed by FindBugsWilliam ColenWilliam Colen20/04/2012 18:47 hs
578 CoGrOO 3.x3.2.0BugClosedNormalUpdate plugin project to use new OO version and new librariesWilliam ColenWilliam Colen05/04/2012 14:54 hs
577 CoGrOO 3.x3.2.0BugClosedNormalCheckers should consider the sentence start to compute the error positionWilliam ColenWilliam Colen05/04/2012 14:57 hs
576 CoGrOO 3.x3.2.0BugClosedNormalEnd of sentence was not properly set in add-onWilliam ColenWilliam Colen05/04/2012 14:57 hs
575 CoGrOO 3.x3.2.0BugClosedNormalBuild configuration should set file encoding explicitlyWilliam ColenWilliam Colen05/04/2012 14:57 hs
567 CoGrOO 3.x3.2.0FeatureRejectedNormalInstead of deploying the serialized rules we should serialize it at first runWilliam ColenWilliam Colen05/04/2012 15:00 hs
566 CoGrOO 3.x3.2.0FeatureClosedNormalPunctuation checkersArthur Branco CostaArthur Branco Costa20/04/2012 18:49 hs
565 CoGrOO 3.x3.2.0BugClosedNormalCheckers with the same priorityArthur Branco CostaArthur Branco Costa04/04/2012 17:58 hs
561 CoGrOO 3.x3.2.0BugClosedNormalUpdate build system to work with the latest version of M2EclipseWilliam ColenWilliam Colen31/03/2012 00:13 hs
560 CoGrOO 3.x3.2.0BugClosedNormalCoGrOO HTML not workingArthur Branco Costa20/04/2012 18:42 hs
556 CoGrOO 3.x3.2.0BugClosedNormalLogic error in SentenceDetectorME classAlessandro KissabaWilliam Colen05/04/2012 15:01 hs
505 cogroo 4.x4.0.0FeatureClosedNormalAdd new dicitonary derived from JSpellWilliam Colen20/01/2012 12:14 hs
504 cogroo 4.x4.0.0FeatureClosedNormalCreate SVN repoWilliam ColenWilliam Colen20/01/2012 12:13 hs
501 CoGrOO 3.x3.2.0FeatureClosedNormalImprove toString methods to make debug easierWilliam Colen20/04/2012 18:59 hs
500 CoGrOO Comunidade1.3.1BugClosedNormalUpdate twitter seach scriptWilliam ColenWilliam Colen16/09/2011 17:01 hs
499 CoGrOO Comunidade1.3.1FeatureClosedNormalPrepare for release 1.3.1William ColenWilliam Colen16/09/2011 17:01 hs
497 CoGrOO Comunidade1.3.1BugClosedNormalDisable email notification for nowWilliam ColenWilliam Colen16/09/2011 14:21 hs
496 CoGrOO Comunidade1.3.1FeatureClosedLowAdd LTasks link in about pageWilliam ColenWilliam Colen16/09/2011 14:20 hs
495 CoGrOO Comunidade1.3.1FeatureClosedNormalBasic Social ButtonsWilliam ColenWilliam Colen16/09/2011 14:19 hs
494 CoGrOO Comunidade1.4.0FeatureNewNormalUpdate Data Export APIMichel OleynikArthur Branco Costa22/08/2012 13:22 hs
492 CoGrOO 3.x3.2.0BugRejectedNormalRule Boundaries should be optionalWilliam ColenWilliam Colen24/04/2012 01:40 hs
491 CoGrOO 3.x3.2.0BugRejectedNormalProperty reread.rules from not workingWilliam ColenWilliam Colen24/04/2012 01:39 hs
490 CoGrOO Comunidade1.3.1FeatureRejectedNormalAdd Google +1 buttonWilliam Colen12/07/2011 17:30 hs
489 CoGrOO ComunidadeBugNewHighStats graph stucks with 236 entriesMichel OleynikMichel Oleynik08/07/2011 23:19 hs

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