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13:44 hs Feature #627: Internal links should point to
This issue should be handled carefully, as a new domain could impact site's ranking on search engines.
Please read...
Michel Oleynik
13:16 hs Bug #466: Unable to edit error selection in report 118
Still not working... William Colen
13:14 hs Bug #434: Expire password recover code
Should also expire hashcode after a time period. William Colen
13:06 hs Feature #481 (Closed): Multiple error report edit
William Colen
12:14 hs Feature #628 (Closed): Notify Analytics when user clicks in an external link
It is interesting to track external links, so we can learn how people interact with the site. William Colen
12:11 hs Feature #627 (New): Internal links should point to
William Colen
12:10 hs Bug #626 (Closed): Developer information is outdated William Colen
11:42 hs Bug #488: Google oAuth is not working
As seen on Analytics Events Report, most of the logins are done by cogroo user (278*), followed by facebook (84), yah... Michel Oleynik
11:03 hs Feature #621: Add email contact at page foot
It would be interesting to mask e-mail as an image or using "cogroo [at] cogroo [dot] org" to avoid spam. Michel Oleynik
10:14 hs Feature #625 (New): Prepare for Cogroo 4.0.0
William Colen
10:13 hs Bug #624 (New): Users are reporting that they can't send error from the Addon
Users are reporting that they can't send error from the Addon. The sending screen never finish. William Colen
10:06 hs Bug #623 (Closed): Restore email notifications
We can not use anymore. We will have to use This email have some issues, like... William Colen
09:59 hs Bug #480 (Closed): Session is not expiring as expected
William Colen
09:58 hs Feature #476: Social buttons
Partially done. Facebook button is not working. Also we don't have the integration to Analytics and Open Graph annota... William Colen
09:56 hs Bug #475 (Closed): Do not redirect to password recovery page after login
William Colen
09:55 hs Bug #472 (Closed): NullPointerException recovering password
William Colen
09:54 hs Feature #468 (Closed): Update socialauth API
William Colen
09:47 hs Bug #393 (Rejected): Wrong sentence shows no errors on Community
Not an issue. This can happen. Maybe we should create a report view that would generat stats from rules that are pass... William Colen
09:32 hs Feature #309 (Closed): Add e-mail notification for Error Report changes and new comment.
William Colen
09:31 hs Bug #302 (Closed): Grammar Analysis: text not analyzed by CoGrOO
Fixed in latest Cogroo version William Colen
09:25 hs Feature #427 (Closed): Improve/Update About page
William Colen
09:24 hs Feature #474 (Closed): Log when user can't login
Fixed. William Colen
09:19 hs Feature #622 (Closed): Add Download Cogroo button to page header
Add Download Cogroo button to page header. This would promote the software download. William Colen
09:17 hs Feature #621 (Closed): Add email contact at page foot
Add email contact ( at page foot. William Colen
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