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04:19 hs Revisão 1331: Performance improvements on stats page.
Visual improvements on index page and error list. Michel Oleynik
03:44 hs Revisão 1330: Improved stats page.
Michel Oleynik
02:26 hs Revisão 1329: Changed column names.
Michel Oleynik
02:25 hs Revisão 1328: Temporal data changed to 3 months.
Michel Oleynik
02:24 hs Revisão 1327: Ordered list of inactive users.
Michel Oleynik


12:18 hs Feature #287 (Closed): Add permissions: admin, moderator, user
Permissions should be necessary to edit reports and moderate comments.
Imported from
William Colen
12:01 hs Bug #283 (Closed): Exception showing stats page
Exception showing stats page:
Added a try/catch and log to get any...
William Colen
11:51 hs Feature #282 (Closed): Password recovery
We should have a mechanism to recover user's password.
Imported from
William Colen
11:50 hs Feature #281 (New): E-mail verification
Would be nice to have an e-mail confirmation system for new users to assure that the user entered a valid e-mail.
William Colen
11:47 hs Feature #280 (New): 'What is new' page
Create a What is new page. We could add a link to it near the version number at foot bar.
Imported from http://sou...
William Colen
11:46 hs Feature #279: Create users profile
Imported from William Colen
11:46 hs Feature #279 (New): Create users profile
Users should have a profile page, where to enter a description, some links (linkein, facebook), email (optional).
William Colen
11:39 hs Feature #278 (New): Comments: add notation for link (ext, rule or ticket)
Add notation to let users add external links (maybe Wiki notation?) and rule and ticket.
Rule should be something li...
William Colen
11:21 hs Feature #276 (New): ErrorReport: mechanism to make references to other errors
Mechanism to link reported errors
Investigate how Redmine or Jira handle this.
Imported from http://sourceforge...
William Colen
11:03 hs Feature #275 (Closed): ErrorReport: email notification to authors
Should send a email notifying any change to the report submitter and people that sent comments. Should be able to sub... William Colen
10:58 hs Feature #274 (New): ErrorReport: Navigate using previous/next
Add capability to navigate using previous/next to the error report details.
Handle filtered lists.
Imported from ...
William Colen
10:52 hs Feature #273 (New): Project internationalization
We should support at least English.
Imported from
William Colen


14:50 hs Revisão 1326: Fixed some tests (#272)
William Colen
14:39 hs Feature #272 (In Progress): Restore JUnit tests
William Colen
11:25 hs Revisão 1325
William Colen
11:22 hs Revisão 1324: Ticket #27 added box link to facebook
William Colen
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