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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated
258 KalibroFeatureNewNormalRange alertCarlos Morais de Oliveira Filho03/06/2013 10:18 pm
557 KalibroFeatureIn ProgressHighMail notification for process projectCarlos Morais de Oliveira FilhoEduardo Menezes de Morais03/05/2013 02:31 pm
641 CoGrOO ComunidadeBugNewHighUpper-case URLs do not redirect to lower-case versionsMichel Oleynik01/17/2013 10:50 am
639 CoGrOO ComunidadeFeatureNewNormalRule's statisticsArthur Branco CostaArthur Branco Costa10/06/2012 09:18 am
638 CoGrOO ComunidadeBugNewNormalReduce accounts created by BOTsWilliam ColenArthur Branco Costa09/28/2012 10:40 am
635 CoGrOO 3.xSupportNewNormalPrepare release Cogroo 3.2.1William ColenWilliam Colen09/20/2012 03:13 pm
618 CoGrOO 3.xBugResolvedNormalStringIndexOutOfBoundsException in SpaceChecker classAlessandro KissabaArthur Branco Costa09/20/2012 03:08 pm
632 CoGrOO ComunidadeFeatureNewNormalUpdate to CoGrOO Base 3.2.xWilliam ColenWilliam Colen09/19/2012 01:16 pm
631 CoGrOO ComunidadeBugNewNormalUpdate the CoGrOO Comunity to accept rules with string idArthur Branco Costa09/18/2012 05:47 pm
629 cogroo 4.xBugNewNormalAvoid array out of bounds exception (From GitHub #1)Arthur Branco Costa09/12/2012 01:54 pm
476 CoGrOO ComunidadeFeatureIn ProgressNormalSocial buttonsMichel OleynikArthur Branco Costa08/30/2012 04:59 pm
627 CoGrOO ComunidadeFeatureNewNormalInternal links should point to comunidade.cogroo.orgWilliam ColenArthur Branco Costa08/30/2012 01:43 pm
624 CoGrOO ComunidadeBugNewHighUsers are reporting that they can't send error from the AddonWilliam ColenArthur Branco Costa08/30/2012 01:43 pm
484 CoGrOO ComunidadeBugNewNormalComment area is too smallMichel OleynikFelipe Massicano08/27/2012 06:55 pm
488 CoGrOO ComunidadeBugNewNormalGoogle oAuth is not workingMichel OleynikArthur Branco Costa08/22/2012 01:24 pm
494 CoGrOO ComunidadeFeatureNewNormalUpdate Data Export APIMichel OleynikArthur Branco Costa08/22/2012 01:22 pm
466 CoGrOO ComunidadeBugNewHighUnable to edit error selection in report 118William ColenWilliam Colen08/22/2012 01:16 pm
469 CoGrOO ComunidadeBugNewHighMake classes serializableWilliam Colen08/22/2012 01:15 pm
625 CoGrOO ComunidadeFeatureNewNormalPrepare for Cogroo 4.0.0William Colen08/22/2012 10:14 am
375 CoGrOO ComunidadeFeatureNewNormalCreate a tag field for ReportsWilliam ColenArthur Branco Costa08/22/2012 09:38 am
281 CoGrOO ComunidadeFeatureNewNormalE-mail verificationWilliam ColenArthur Branco Costa08/22/2012 09:29 am
279 CoGrOO ComunidadeFeatureNewNormalCreate users profileWilliam ColenArthur Branco Costa08/22/2012 09:29 am
294 CoGrOO ComunidadeFeatureNewNormalEdit/remove accountMichel OleynikArthur Branco Costa08/22/2012 09:28 am
613 cogroo 4.xFeatureNewNormalRefactoring projectsWilliam ColenWilliam Colen06/19/2012 10:53 am
612 cogroo 4.xBugNewNormalMigrate to GitHubWilliam ColenWilliam Colen06/19/2012 10:52 am

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