Free Software and Open Source in Practice, a Commercial Perspective from AdaCore


Apoio: Ada Core, Locaweb

Local: Auditório Jacy Monteiro - Bloco B do IME/USP  -

Quarta-feira, 6/5/09, 10:00 às 11:30

"Free Software and Open Source in Practice, a Commercial Perspective from AdaCore"

In this talk we will discuss the concepts of Free Software and Open
Source from the point of view of a commercial company selling software
of this type. The differences between the two concepts are important
from a purely commercial point of view. Free Software is about the
licensing of software, and providing licenses that work well for
customers. Open Source is a development process that may or may
not be relevant to commercial customers, who in fact often worry
needlessly about the implications of the use of Open Source software.
This talk will address these concerns, and explain why the FLOSS
approach is an attractive one both for software producers and for
their customers.


Robert Dewar is an Emeritus Professor of Computer Science at the Courant
Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University. He is past
chair of the department, and past associate director of the institute. His
research fields include compilers and programming languages, operating systems,
and microprocessor architectures. He is also the President and CEO of Ada Core
Technogies, a company that specializes in providing large scale systems for
development of critical systems using Ada technology. Ada Core Technologies
provides all its software using Free Software/Open Source licesnses. He is
an expert in the technical aspects of patent and copyright law, having served
as a an expert witness in several US Federal trials.

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