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MedSquare is still in beta!

Right now, it is only possible to get MedSquare by downloading the source and compiling it on your machine.

The dependencies of MedSquare are:

CMake 2.8.5

Qt 4.7.4

VTK 5.10.0

ITK 3.20.1

GDCM 2.0.18

Gtest 1.6.0

We plan to release binaries for Windows, Mac and Linux together with the source for the 1.0 version of MedSquare, which is being currently developed.

To download and install a standalone beta version of MedSquare, that will download and compile the dependencies listed above (provided that the packages which theses dependencies depend upon are installed in your system), follow these steps, on a GNU/Linux system:

1 - In the console, create a directory where you would like to download all the software, and cd into it:

$ mkdir medsquare-install
$ cd medsquare-install

2 - Run the following command to download the latest version of MedSquare's source code:

$ git clone git://

3 - Run the install script:

$ medsquare/install/

4 - Follow the on-screen instructions, which will ask you where to install the compiled software, and whether you want to keep the source code and the build directories (tip: keeping them will speed up tremendously a recompilation).

Once the script starts to download the CMake sources, it will run automatically until the end, unless there is a problem. If there is, please contact us at and we will try to find out why.

5 - If the installation finished without errors, you just have to run MedSquare from the directory where you installed the software (the default is ~/msq):