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The MedSquare platform is licensed under the LGPL version 2.1. The LGPL is in principle identical to the GPL. Its basic difference is that it doesn't require derived works resulted from a linking process to be released under the same terms.

In other words:

  • MedSquare is OpenSource software.
  • Any derived version must be released under the same terms.
  • Independently produced modules can be released under any licensing terms.

The core platform is designed to allow interaction between separate modules. For both technical and legal reasons, this interaction happens indirectly, through the core API, so module developers don't need to worry about compatibility of licenses.

Documentation license

Our documentation, which is mostly contained in this website, is released under the terms of the Creative Commons|CC BY-SA license (Creative Commons: Attribution - Share Alike).

These licensing terms allow you to:

  • Make copies without explicit personal authorization.
  • Use the original work to create your own derived versions.

But only if you:

  • Cite the original author (, in this case).
  • Do not suggest that we endorse any derived work.
  • Release any derived work under similar terms.