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USPGameDev completes four years

On the 19th day of this month, USPGameDev, a game research and development group mantained by USP students, completed four years of existence since its foundation back in 2009. Everything started with a proposal from USP's Polytechnic School Basic Cycle's current pedagogic orientor, Giuliano Salcas Olguin, during a meeting of class representatives from the Computer Science course. With some of those representatives' help, USPGameDev's first meeting - to which both CS and Engineering students were invited - was organized. From it came the idea of the group's first of many games: Horus Eye.

Since then, the group worked in at least six more projects, among which the noteworthy ones are UGDK, a 2D game engine, and the game PsyChObALL, oficially released last August.

Jenkins User Meetup

The CCSL invites you to attend the second meeting of Jenkins users in Brazil that will happen in the São Paulo.

The second Jenkins User Meetup in São Paulo brings Jenkins experts and community enthusiasts together for an invaluable day of Jenkins-focused learning and networking opportunities.

Date: 07/12/2013
Time: from 09:00 till 18:00
Where: Faculdade Bandtec – Rua Estela, 268 (near the Paraiso metro station)
The event is free

The CCSL building is open!

With over 150 attendees, the CCSL building was open to the public on August 6th, 2013.

After 20 years of activities involving free and open source software at IME/USP, the formal opening of the building that will house the Institute's CCSL (FLOSS Competence Center) took place in August, during a celebration just as varied as FLOSS itself.

The History of Free Software and Computer Science

CCSL promotes the presentation The History of Free Software and Computer Science by Jon "Maddog" Hall, Director of Linux International.

Date: 22/08 
Time: 10hs
Where: auditório do CCSL no IME-USP

5th Computer Science Undergraduate Students’ Meeting August 16 - 22, 2013

The Encontro do Bacharelado em Ciência da Computação (Computer Science Undergraduate Students’ Meeting) is an event that takes place annually at the University of São Paulo’s Institute of Mathematics and Statistics since 2009. Through a series of lectures and other activities, it promotes discussions about many Computer Science areas, entrepreneurship, academia, and questions regarding the local CS programme.

CONSEGI - The International Congress of Free Software and Electronic Government

The International Congress of Free Software and Electronic Government (Consegi) presents to government and society solutions developed for Electronic Government (e-Gov), based on free software. Solutions that can be copied, modified and distributed for free - basic principles of free software. The congress also offers opportunities for exchange of experiences on information technology and communication (ICT) to government and society.
In this edition the The CCSL-USP will participate in lectures, discussions and a chapter of the book of the event on "Collaboration and Free Software."

Legislative Radar Project wins a prize in the “Mario Covas Award 2013”.

On 27 May 2013, in a ceremony which took place at the famous “São Paulo Hall”, it was announced the winners of the “Mario Covas Award” 9th edition. The award promotes innovative practices to improve the quality on public services and to increase citizens welfare in São Paulo state. In the category “Open Government”, the project Radar Parlamentar (Parliamentary Radar) won the “Excellence in the Public Spending” prize.

Radar Parlamentar was created by the PoliGNU team and by the student Leonardo Alexandre Ferreira Leite, a Computer Science master student at IME USP and member of the CHOReOS project, developed by CCSL. The Radar Parlamentar project is an application that shows “similarities” among political parties based on mathematical analysis of bills voting data retrieved from parliamentary houses. Such similarities are presented in a bi-dimensional graphic built of circles representing parties, and the distance among these circles represent how similar these parties give their votes on bills.


Inspired by CCSL-USP, a new CCSL opened in Rio Grande do Norte

A new Free Software Competence Center opened in Brazil. Inpired by CCSL-USP, in the last April, 25th the CCSL of the Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia do Rio Grande do Norte (IFRN) was officially born. The CCSL-USP congratulates the initiative and wish success for the Rio Grande do Norte "brother".

Economic perspective to online privacy

CCSL promotes the presentation “Economic perspective to online privacy” by  Vijay Erramilli, a research at Telefonica Research.

Date: 10/05 (sexta-feira)
Time: às 10hs
Where: Sala B-05 IME-USP

IME-USP students are awarded on Educational Data Hackaton promoted by Lemann Foundation and INEP

The 1st Hackathon of Educational Data promoted by INEP and the Lemann Foundation was held at Brasília, the capital of Brazil, from April 12nd to 14th. The team, with students from IME - USP, formed by Carlos Eduardo Moreira dos Santos, Fabrício de Sousa Nascimento, Marcelo Granja, Pedro Luis Furio Raphael e Thiago Oliveira de Paiva won the third place.