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Lost and found site for the University of São Paulo. This project is a web system developed in Rails where the user can create or search for lost and found itens and is in production on The principal goal of this project was the implementation in USP but we belive that other places can also use the system to manage their the lost and found departament.


The Arquigrafia is a social network for collaborative construction of a digital image collection of Brazilian architecture. The Arquigrafia aims to bring together photographs, drawings and videos from all over the country, produced by architects, students, teachers, photographers, and people interested in architecture. The Arquigrafia is available on the Web, following the model of Web 2.0, and by means of mobile devices (Android).



The Baile project aims to study and resolve problems related to the development and use of web service choreographies in large-scale environments, in particular those related to Cloud Computing. The project investigates means by which choreographies can evolve and adapt when the services they are composed of are in constant change, keeping the quality of service in acceptable levels when these services fail or the cloud resource availability fluctuates.


O projeto Borboleta utiliza novas tecnologias de computação móvel para melhorar o atendimento domiciliar em programas de Saúde Pública. Ele almeja desenvolver um sistema para permitir o uso de telefones celulares inteligentes por profissionais de saúde durante o atendimento domicilar a populações de baixa renda e áreas carentes.

Casamento entre Grafos

The graph matching project deals with graph matching problems and aims at the construction of a platform to solve various match-modeled problems, such as interactive image segmentation and the correspondence between detected spots in bidimensional gel electrophoresis images for large scale protein study.



CHOReOS ( is a project of the FP7 European program with 16 partners from 7 countries. The CHOReOS project aims at implementing a framework for scalable choreography development and enactment. The goal is to enable domain experts to develop decentralized ultra-large scale (ULS) solutions composed of heterogeneous services that are adaptable and QoS (Quality-of-Service) aware.


CoGrOO – Corretor Gramatical para o (Grammar Checker for is a system that detects grammar  errors in texts written in Portuguese.


The colmeia project aims to automate all activities of an university library, offering a high-level integrated software system that responds to the specific needs of all kinds of users (students, professors, employees, and guest users).


The DonkeySurvey project goal is to a tool to collect and store data on the traffic passing on the client MLDonkey p2p networks for file sharing.


EGene - Automated Pipeline Generation System

Groupware Workbench

The Groupware Workbench project develops a suite of components inspired by the 3C collaboration model. This approach starts at the group collaboration needs, analysed from the point of view of communication, coordination, cooperation, and uses software components organized around this model to compose each solution.


iCG is project to introduce concepts of Computers. The iCG presents a very simple model of an electronical Computer. It can demostrate how a computer works and how is possible to build a compiler to it. iCG has 2 main interfaces, the Emulator interface and the Compiler interface. The Emulator is a visual abstraction of the Computer itself, with its main devices (e.g., memory, acumulator and input/output devices) and a few machine instructions.

Kalibro Metrics

Source code metrics are not new, but they have not been fully used in software development. One reason is that most metrics does not have known thresholds. Metric tools show isolated numeric values, which are not easy to understand. Also, the interpretation of these values depends on the context.


MedSquare is a powerful and flexible modular environment for exploration of medical images, both for clinical and scientific purposes.

See more information at


The Mezuro project intends to offer a platform capable of comparing FLOSS projects and as well as techniques to the development of sets of relevant metrics for these projects. By instructing users on the use of these metrics, spreading their use, enlightening others on the interpretation of their results, it is possible to prevent technical debt. It is currently in production use at and contributions are welcome at For more information, please contact the open list


MootiroMaps is an interactive and collaborative web application for georeferenced mapping of territories, lines and points. All the objects contained in the map can be used to create maps about specific issues.

The specific maps can be used for community planning, for planning of tourism for a specific region or for data journalism.

The application is collaborative - all users can make use of the information that has been registered by other users.


Ns is a discrete event simulator targeted at networking research. Ns provides substantial support for simulation of TCP, routing, and multicast protocols over wired and wireless (local and satellite) networks [Text from ns-2 official page]. nsRFIDsim implements a RFID module based on the EPCTM Radio-Frequency Identity Protocols Class-1 Generation-2 UHF RFID Protocol for Communications at 860 MHz ? 960 MHz Version 1.2.0(25/10/2008) standard for the ns-2 simulator, release 2.35. The focus of this implementation is the Network layer and its mechanisms for anti-collision.


The OnAIR (Ontology Aided Information Retrieval), system allows users to enter a query in natural language and searches a digital video database for the clip which best answers the query. The system was first developped by Christian Paz-Trillo and Paula Braga and was part of Christian's Masters Thesis, supervised by Renata Wassermann.


Probabilistic satisfiability (PSAT) is an NP-complete problem that requires the joint application of deductive and probabilistic reasoning.  It consists of an assignment of probabilities to a set of propositional formulas, and its solution consists of a decision on whether this assignment is consistent. The original formulation of PSAT is attributed to George Boole (1854).


scriptLattes é um script desenvolvido em perl para a extração e compilação de: (1) produções bibliográficas, e (2) orientações de um conjunto de pesquisadores cadastrados na plataforma Lattes do CNPq.


O projeto Tango (Trustable Algorithms for Nonlinear General Optimization) desenvolve um conjunto de rotinas em Fortran para otimização.

Vessel segmentation

The Human-machine integration for vessel segmentation project is geared towards automatic segmentation of blood vessels on retinal images. This is the first stage of the process for automatic detection of progressive diabetic retinopaty.


The VoIPFix project arose from the need for a tool to complement similar tools in the analysis of computer networks for IP telephony. It was built to be an efficient and unique management tool for VoIP, with advanced features required to support the computer network and IP telephony professionals to observe and diagnose problems related to VoIP. For more informations:


VRaptor, currently at version 3, is an MVC web framework targeting agile development. By means of inversion of control and dependency injection, time spent in development is drastically reduced, thanks to the elimination of repetitive code: validations, convertions, assignments, ajax, and lookups.

The first versions were created by Alexandre Freire and Paulo Silveira, then undergraduate students at the IME/USP Computer Science Department, as part of a Statistics Department project. The framework has continuously gained momentum since then and, specially after version 2, had a profound impact on the Brazilian community. Currently it is maintained primarily by Caelum and is used by several entities, such as Agência Click, Defferrari Informática, IG Celular, Caelum itself, LocaWeb, among others.

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