iCG is project to introduce concepts of Computers. The iCG presents a very simple model of an electronical Computer. It can demostrate how a computer works and how is possible to build a compiler to it. iCG has 2 main interfaces, the Emulator interface and the Compiler interface. The Emulator is a visual abstraction of the Computer itself, with its main devices (e.g., memory, acumulator and input/output devices) and a few machine instructions. The Compiler is intended to provide to the student a real feeling about how to translate code in high level language into a machine level language. The iCG implements iLM (interactive Learning Modules) protocol, allowing its incorporation to an LMS (Learning Managmente System). Our research group also implements a Moodle package, named iAssign, to incorporate iLM to Moodle. The iAssing to Moodle 1.9 is available in http://www.matematica.br/ia, the version do Moodle 2.X is not complete right now.