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Commercial Open Source and the Software Commoditization Catalyst

CCSL is proud to invite you to the presentation "Commercial Open Source and the Software Commoditization Catalyst" by Cedric Thomas, OW2 CEO. OW2 is an international consortium of universities, governmental bodies, and companies of different sizes (from international companies to startups) interested in the development of open source middleware.

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Tribute to Prof. Imre Simon

Prof. Imre Simon

The lessons from Prof. Imre Simon will remain with us.

A tribute by his students.

Movie Session: "The Code"

CCSL invites all for a very special video session!

If you want to know more about the free software movement and the people involved, the history of Linux and how a revolution began innocently, do not miss the screening of "The Code" in the auditorium Jacy Monteiro Tuesday , September 1 at 16h.

The film has 59 minutes (very short!) And includes statements from several key people in the world of free software. This is a documentary prepared for the Finnish TV (land of Linus Torvalds), directed by Hannu Puttonen in 2001.

All are very welcome!


CCSL at full steam at FISL'10

The CCSL atand at FISLWith the support of the Qualipso project and of the OW2 consortium, the CCSL-USP had a major participation in FISL'10 (Fórum Internacional de Software Livre - International FLOSS Forum) in Porto Alegre, from June 24 to 27.

Besides the 10 presentations related to the CCSL activities, Qualipso, and OW2, we also had a nice booth at the main area of the event. There, the 20+ CCSL-USP participants gathered together to both work and have fun. At the same time, hundreds of visitors interested in getting to know more about our work, learn about the associated projects, and discuss various collaboration proposals gave us the pleasure of meeting them in person.

A presentation by the Mozilla Foundation

The CCSL will host a speech by Chris Hoffman, one of the key figures at Mozilla Foundation, this monday, June 22nd, at 14:00h. The author will talk about research and learning opportunities with open source, with emphasis on the Mozilla Foundation projects, such as Firefox, Thunderbird, etc.

An afternoon on dynamic languages

The CCSL invites you to an afternoon of speeches on the dynamic languages Ruby and Lua.

Lua was created and is developed in Brazil, with significant usage worldwide, specially in the gaming industry. Ruby, together with the Rails framework, introduced a new paradigm for the development of database-backed web applications, with increades productivity.

An afternoon on entrepreneurship

The CCSL invites you to another event on entrepreneurship at IME/USP. There will be two lectures by Computer Science alumni on their experiences in their commecial venues.

Special Journal Issue on Open Source

The scientific journal "Information Economics and Policy", focused on economy as related to information and communication, launched, in December 2008, an issue dedicated to empirical issues in open source software.

CCSL na Campus Party

Campus Party BR 2009 With the presence of about 20 undergraduate and postgraduate including Phd professors the FOSS Competence Center left its mark on the biggest internet event of the Latin America, the Campus Party. The members who attended the event offered speeches and courses in the areas of development and open source software. Our triumph were the grid computing mobilization, coordinated by the professor Wagner Meira from UFMG, he and professor Fabio Kon from IME/USP conducted a speech at the main stage, inviting everyone present to offer computational power for the Folding@Home project


PureData convention in São Paulo

Puredata is an open source tool for programming multimedia works. Much of its development results from a community effort of developers worldwide, who have organized conventions.

The first convention took place in Graz, Austria. The second in Montreal With the support of CCSL, the Third International Puredata Convention - PdCon09 - will take place in São Paulo (july 19th-26th, 2009), with the intent to promote interchange and local development. The format includes the presentation of artistic works, academic works, discussion regarding the interests of the community, and various courses. Submisssions deadline is March 29th, 2009.

Visit and submit your work!