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Investigations in "Digital Image Processing" at USP and UNICAMP

A personal experience from the early beginnings of this art (1969/70)

CoGrOO Community - New version

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new version of CoGrOO Comunidade(CoGrOO Community), a colaborative portal to enhance CoGrOO!

The user community is the main contributor for the success of this project, as we reached 90 registered members and more than 200 text samples only five months after its creation. These sample texts are very important to improve the grammar checker.

Better Science Through Art - Photos

Here are the event photos.

Thesis relates FLOSS and Agile Methods

The CCSL invites you to Hugo Corbucci's Masters thesis presentation, titled "Agile Methods and FLOSS: a study on the relationship between these two communities", which will take place on March 24th at IME/USP.

Android at IME-USP

The Android platform has enjoyed a massive increase since its introduction just over two years ago. Today it is already present in over 90 devices from 21 manufacturers, and recently we hit 100,000 applications in Adroid Market. In this presentation we will talk about the Android philosophy, the motivations for mobile development, the history of Android, application distribution methods, and the latest news on the platform.

FLOSS browsers surpass closed alternatives

Thanks to the anti-trust agreement between the European Union and Microsoft, which made easier for MS-Windows users to choose their default browser in Europe from 2010 on, the number of Firefox users has surpassed the number of Internet Explorer users in the EU in December.

II Workshop on Computational Linguistics at USP

On November 8 and 9, the second edition of the Computational Linguistics Workshop was held at the University of São Paulo, promoted by the Department of Linguistics of College of Philosophy, Languages, and Social Studies, the Department of Computer Engineering and Digital Systems of the Polytechnic School, and the Department of Computer Science of the Mathematics and Statistics Institute, with the support of CCSL (the Free Software Center), the local FLOSS Competence Center.

During the workshop the CoGrOO Comunidade portal was launched, a collaborative tool for the development of the FLOSS Grammar Checker CoGrOO, a BrOffice project developed by CCSL.

An interesting survey on the adoption of FOSS

A new paper on the adoption of open source software has been published in the Journal of Information and Software Technology. Hauge, Ayala and Conradi (2010) demonstrate how deeply open source software has influenced the industry, generating a growing and diverse body of literature on organizational behaviour when developing and acquiring software. Hauge et al.

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock and Joe Yoder: Flexible design techniques

The CCSL at IME/USP invites you to attend to two presentations on modern approaches to flexible design (Adaptive Object Models and Responsibility-driven design), which will be offered by two international specialists.

Date: September 22nd

Where: Auditório Jacy Monteiro, IME/USP, building B

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State-of-the-art in FLOSS systems: two presentations by international guests

The CCSL is happy to invite everyone to attend to two high-level international speeches, offered by specialists on each field. Christoph Hellwig, linux kernel developer involved primarily with filesystems, will talk about the new disk cache mechanism in the kernel; and Ian Pratt, leader of the community, will talk about that community, the Xen project, plans for the future etc.