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The Israeli startup ecosystem and what can we learn from it

The CCSL invites you to yet another presentation on digital entrepreneurship.

Title:  "The Israeli startup ecosystem and what can we learn from it"
Presenter: Prof. Fabio Kon (IME/USP)
Where: Auditório Antonio Gilioli (Bloco A at IME)
When: May 5th, 2014
Time: from 16:00 to 17:30

The presentation will be transmitted over IPTV; questions may be sent over twitter (just mention @ccslusp) or by email to ccsl AT

Collective Intelligence-based Problem-Solving in Social Project Management

CCSL promotes the presentation Collective Intelligence-based Problem-Solving in Social Project Management by Dr. Hab. Frederic Andres.

Date: 28/04/14
Time: 14hs
Where: auditório do CCSL no IME-USP

FAPESP supports eScience Research with open results

FAPESP (São Paulo State Research Support Foundation), sponsor of a large number of scientific research projects, has recently launched a Call for Research Proposals regarding eScience. This Call dedicates R$4 million (US$ 1.6 million) for projects of up to 4 years of duration, allowing the financing of both traditional research fellowships and of "technical training" fellowships (targeting production-oriented work to support the research goals).

CCSL members launch "Open Code" blog

The CCSL (FLOSS Competence Center), in a partnership with the portal, launches today the "Open Code" blog, in which texts authored by IME FLOSS enthusiasts will be published on the "Link" section of the portal.

ADUF - Adaptable Design Up Front

CCSL promotes the presentation ADUF - Adaptable Design Up Front with Hayim Makabee - Yahoo! Labs, Israel

Date: 09/01 (thursday)
Time: 14hs
Where: auditório do CCSL-IME/USP

You may want to check the video and slides

USPGameDev completes four years

On the 19th day of this month, USPGameDev, a game research and development group mantained by USP students, completed four years of existence since its foundation back in 2009. Everything started with a proposal from USP's Polytechnic School Basic Cycle's current pedagogic orientor, Giuliano Salcas Olguin, during a meeting of class representatives from the Computer Science course. With some of those representatives' help, USPGameDev's first meeting - to which both CS and Engineering students were invited - was organized. From it came the idea of the group's first of many games: Horus Eye.

Since then, the group worked in at least six more projects, among which the noteworthy ones are UGDK, a 2D game engine, and the game PsyChObALL, oficially released last August.

Jenkins User Meetup

The CCSL invites you to attend the second meeting of Jenkins users in Brazil that will happen in the São Paulo.

The second Jenkins User Meetup in São Paulo brings Jenkins experts and community enthusiasts together for an invaluable day of Jenkins-focused learning and networking opportunities.

Date: 07/12/2013
Time: from 09:00 till 18:00
Where: Faculdade Bandtec – Rua Estela, 268 (near the Paraiso metro station)
The event is free

The CCSL building is open!

With over 150 attendees, the CCSL building was open to the public on August 6th, 2013.

After 20 years of activities involving free and open source software at IME/USP, the formal opening of the building that will house the Institute's CCSL (FLOSS Competence Center) took place in August, during a celebration just as varied as FLOSS itself.

The History of Free Software and Computer Science

CCSL promotes the presentation The History of Free Software and Computer Science by Jon "Maddog" Hall, Director of Linux International.

Date: 22/08 
Time: 10hs
Where: auditório do CCSL no IME-USP

5th Computer Science Undergraduate Students’ Meeting August 16 - 22, 2013

The Encontro do Bacharelado em Ciência da Computação (Computer Science Undergraduate Students’ Meeting) is an event that takes place annually at the University of São Paulo’s Institute of Mathematics and Statistics since 2009. Through a series of lectures and other activities, it promotes discussions about many Computer Science areas, entrepreneurship, academia, and questions regarding the local CS programme.