Dynamic languages


Title: An afternoon on dynamic languages (Ruby and Lua)

Authors: Fabio Akita and Dr. Renato Maia

Date: 27/05/2009, 14:00h (wednesday)

Where: Auditório Antônio Gilioli, A building at IME/USP

Sponsors: Locaweb,Tecgraf, and CNPq

The CCSL invites you to an afternoon of speeches on the dynamic languages Ruby and Lua.

Lua was created and is developed in Brazil, with significant usage worldwide, specially in the gaming industry. Ruby, together with the Rails framework, introduced a new paradigm for the development of database-backed web applications, with increades productivity.


14:00  - An introduction to Ruby

Speaker: Fabio Akita (http://www.locaweb.com.br)

Abstract: This speech will present a rapid overview of the main characteristics of the Ruby language, including gems and tests. Special attention will be dedicated to the Rails framework.

15:30 - Coffee break

16:00 - Lua 5.1 for programmers

Speaker: Dr. Renato Maia (http://www.inf.puc-rio.br/~maia)

Abstract: We will present an overview of the main features of the Lua language, specially its distinguishing characteristics when compared to other popular programming languages. Strings, closures, coroutines, reflection and others will be discussed.

27/May (2009), 11:00 - 27/May (2009), 15:00