USP  is constructing a building that will host the university FLOSS Competence Center. Thanks to great effort and commitment of Profs. Carlinhos, Siang, Routo, Fabio, and Paulo Cordaro, many obstacles are being overcome and the CCSL dream is becoming a reality. The building will be connected to the IME C-Block.

In 2009, the architectural/engineering project has been approved, the environmental license was granted; big trees of the site were transplanted, some smaller trees were cut and, as environmental compensation, between 5 and 10 trees were planted for each tree that was cut, according to the diameter of the tree, the public auction for choosing the company that will construct the building was completed and the construction company chosen.

In March 2010, the contract with the construction company was signed. Construction will start on early April (we hope not on April 1st :-)

See the photos of construction of the building.