Groupware Workbench


Title: Groupware Workbench: A set of components for the development of groupware systems
Author: Marco Aurélio Gerosa (Professor IME-USP)
Date: 24/11/2208

In this seminar, we present a set of components for the development of groupware systems aiming to foster the prototyping, experimentation and creativity in the development of groupware applications.

23/Nov (2008), 22:00 - 24/Nov (2008), 21:59

CCSL participa do Open World Forum

O Centro de Competência em Software Livre estará participando do Open World Forum, um evento internacional que vai reunir em Paris, nos dias 1 e 2 de dezembro, especialistas e entusiastas do software livre de mais de 20 países.

O Brasil terá um espaço de destaque no evento com várias palestras e debates focalizando o sofware livre no país. Outros temas como Educação, Carreira, Qualidade de software, Linux, Plone, PHP, OW2, etc. também serão abordados em várias trilhas paralelas.

Load-balancing with GNU/Linux


Title: Balanceamento de carga em GNU/Linux
Author: Fernanda G. Weiden
Date: 12/11/2008
Abstract: Fernanda G. Weiden (from Google-Switzerland) will present the currently available solutions under GNU/Linux for load balancing: what is supported, what works, how it works, what doesn't work, and why. Also, new initiatives are currently under way, some of them leaded by the Google load-balancing team, and so future developments in this area will also be presented.

11/Nov (2008), 22:00 - 12/Nov (2008), 21:59

Rails Summit Latin America

Rails Summit Latin America

Ruby on Rails is a new software technology that alows the creation of flexible database-centered web systems with great ease. Lately, the CCSL at IME has been using this framework, which is free/open source software, in some projects, both for education and research. The programmers involved have noticed a great productivity boost and are very satisfied with the possibility of creating elegant and legible code for complex web systems.

INdT Mobility Week at CCSL IME-USP


The IME-USP FOSS Competence Center and the IndT (Nokia Institute odf Tecnology) promote at IME-USP, from 08-25 to 08-29, the Mobility Week with lectures and training on the platform maemo (languages C and Python).
The novelty will be the involvement of designers who will speak on design for software (mobile applications and open source).


25/Aug (2008), 11:00 - 29/Aug (2008), 19:00

3rd Free Software Paraná Circuit at CCSL IME-USP


The IME-USP FOSS competence center receives CELEPAR, informatics enterprise of Paraná government, one of the most active institutions in the production and dissemination of free software in the public sphere, to promote the Paraná Free Software Circuit on August 22 and 23. The event has been done for more than two years itinerantly around Brazil. This year, the stage of São Paulo has the endorsement of IME and the CCSL. Participate!
*The registrations is free (in Portuguese):

22/Aug (2008), 15:00 - 23/Aug (2008), 15:00